Orbital Internet Group is an award winning business offering connectivity services to businesses and residential customers through our sister company Vfast.

We are very proud to have been selected as Winners of both the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Technology Business of the Year and KEiBA Medium Business of the Year. We were also a finalist for the Canterbury Business Award in the Digital/Creative category.

It has been an amazing 18 months at Orbital HQ, so many changes, additions, improvements and innovations have been made and we have no plans to stop any time soon!

Our goal is to be considered the go to ISP for Kent and the whole of the UK to support our customers with connectivity and cloud services. We offer a personal service whilst still offering the same range of services you’d expect from the Big 5.

Applying for these awards in 2019 was really a way to demonstrate to our customers and our own team that Orbital Internet Group will uphold our promise to improve services, expand our product portfolio and continue to support our customers now and in the future. It is important for the team to have their achievements recognised as we have some invaluable team members who go above and beyond to support our customers and our business.

We are extremely proud to have been shortlisted for all 3 awards that we applied for and to then go on to win two of them is more than we could have hoped for. We published a thank you message following the final award which we think sums up this process for Orbital Internet Group.

“This morning, Orbital Net Ltd are the very proud winners of the @KEiBAAWARDS Medium Business of the Year Award!

It was an outstanding evening, organised and executed incredibly well - so thank you very much to our hosts.

Also, a massive thank you to the judges, it is truly humbling to have the hard work and commitment of our team recognised, especially considering the judging process was so diligent and we were up against some exceptional Kent businesses.

Orbital have come a long way in the last 25 years, celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2023 we continue to strive for innovation and a personal service that you can’t always find amongst the modern-day ISP. We remain a family run business with every member of management actively invested in the day to day operations. The passion our managing director - Darren Brown - and his family have for the business is what makes this team go above and beyond to support it.

This award has given us a new drive, and further enthusiasm for the work that we are doing - benefiting residents and businesses of Kent with a reliable and personal service that we endeavour to maintain.

We are so grateful to have been considered as finalists, and even more so for being #winners!

A final note to our team. Thank you! All your hard work and efforts are so appreciated by your colleagues and management team, we were thrilled to all be celebrating together last night and let’s keep pushing forward to bigger and better things for 2023!

KEiBA Awards

@Kent Event Centre · 20/06/2019

Winners of Medium Business of the Year Award

About KEiBA:

An awards scheme staged and produced by KM Media Group and Kent County Council to recognise and reward excellence in businesses in Kent and Medway.

This application was focused on the company on an overall basis rather than being focused on specific element of what we do. This was a vigilant judging process which included a visit from the Judges, Bradley Post, Managing Director of Rift Group and Anita Glover, Head of Marketing for Locate in Kent.

Here is the judges report on Orbital Internet Group:

“The judging process confirmed everything we already knew about business in Kent; that it is thriving.

The County is full of inspirational organisations which are leading the way in their respective fields. Our joint experiences of working with companies from all sectors means we are well aware of the challenges, opportunities and decisions faced by growing businesses.

This made what we saw and heard from our entrants and finalists throughout the judging process even more impressive.

The medium-sized businesses visited were shining examples of organisations with strong leadership, fantastic products and service, and a real competitive edge.

Our winner stood out for its innovation and absolute focus on solving customer problems.

Orbital Internet Group is undoubtedly a trailblazer and their field. Congratulations.”

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

@Canterbury Cathedral Lodge Event Centre · 21/03/2019

Winners of the Technology Business of the Year Awards

Orbital Internet Group believe that the ever-changing technologies in the telecoms industry are of massive benefit to all our existing customers as well as future prospects. We are always looking for ways and methods to improve our existing customers service provision as this helps future proof our customers business needs keeping them at the forefront of technology as well as us.

Our application for this award was based around our ability to be innovative, as an example of our application is below:

In areas where a Fibre feed is not viable, we use a mix of licensed spectrum which means we are able to offer an interference free operation. Some bands used for this are 13Ghz and 18Ghz.

The network is a mix of different technologies, many of our networks that operate in the 5ghz band are able to take advantage of now running AC technology to provide more capacity from each transmitter. This allows many of our customers to reap the benefit of reliably faster speeds and lower latency.

As an independent ISP, if we don’t continue to be innovative in the services we offer then we wont grow in the future. Keeping up with technology advancements isn’t an option, we recognise that we have to be one step ahead to ensure our customers always have the very best in comms available to them.

Canterbury Business Awards

@Broome Park Hotel, Canterbury · 14/03/2019

Finalist in the Creative/Digital Category

As part of our application we were asked to provide evidence of expertise in digital, creative or media technologies.

Here is an excerpt from our application:

“We created a solution using solar and wind technologies to power the repeater stations. We use these technologies to power the batteries which provide the electricity required to keep our kit in constant operation.

Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity which is controlled by an MPPT (maximum power point tracking) charge controller. This allows for the deep cell cycle charge of lithium batteries which keep the site running when there is no wind or solar energy.

The wind turbine converts kinetic energy from wind into mechanical power. A wind turbine turns energy in the wind into electricity using the aerodynamic force created by the rotor blades. The MPPT also controls the wind turbine to regulate and restrict the voltage the wind supplies to the batteries.

We utilise both technologies simultaneously as the UK does not provide enough UV from the sun to fully power the batteries for a 24 hour service. The combination of both sees our batteries powered and only in need of maintenance twice per annum.”