Orbital work in partnership with Openreach and OFNL to deliver fibre developments across the UK. We are currently the only layer 2 provider working with OFNL, meaning we supply the internet to your business allowing us to abide by our ethos of delivering our services across our network to provide the best customer experience. Using our Unbundled exchanges we are able to offer direct access to our customers using Openreach FTTP product sets ensuring we have the best solution for you.

FTTP is the next generation in internet access. Orbital are a full LLU provider and, being at the forefront of connectivity, are rolling this out across the UK. Using our existing partners, and our own fibre, we are able to offer speeds of up to 300Mb to your business. Orbital are one of the few providers that offer this service directly and have the core network to support these speeds across a large client base. To find out if this is available in your area or coming to you soon, please contact solutions@orbital.net.

Fibre to the Premises/Business

In a Fibre-to-the-Premises/Business network the cable that enters your office is a pure optical fibre line which transmits its information using laser light instead of sending electrical signals over metal cables. Related services are highly reliable and considered “ultrafast” due to the fact that they can typically deliver speeds from 25Mbps and all the way up to into multi-Gigabit territory (1000Mbps+) over just a single fibre. This isn’t dedicated internet access and is a contended service however you have access to faster speeds at a heavily reduced cost compared to a leased line.

Fibre to the Premises/Residential

Utilising the Orbital Net network, we can offer residential FTTP nationwide under our Vfast brand. Vfast is part of the Orbital Internet Group and is able to offer both FTTP and FTTC nationwide to home users. UK Based Call centre, Award Winning Service and Unlimited Usage are just a few reasons to choose Vfast.

Click the link below now to visit our Vfast website where you can enter your telephone number or postcode to check availability. Alternatively surf on over to www.vfast.co.uk or click the image below.

Key features

  • Speeds up to 300Mb

  • Not restricted by distance to the cabinet

  • High availability

  • Fully managed service

  • 24x7x365 Support

  • 6 Hour SLA

Some of our existing customers

Why choose Orbital?

Orbital have been providing bespoke solutions to businesses since 1998. From humble beginnings, Orbital is now providing services to thousands of businesses across the UK and USA. This is achieved by maintaining our ethos of providing a professional, personal service to all our customers.

  • UK based support
  • Allocated account manager
  • Family owned company
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Personal Service
  • 365x24x7 Support Line
  • Excellent SLAs
  • Operating for 25 years