Broadband ADSL


Known now as a legacy service, this is the only viable product for certain locations. Orbital offers this service if our WiMAX product is not available at your location.

Unlike dial-up, which uses the phone line to make a connection, ADSL actually works alongside the frequencies used for voice telephone calling, therefore allowing you to continue to make phone calls while using the internet. It enables faster data transmission through a single connection, but allows users to download data and make voice calls at the same time.

Broadband ADSL

Despite being the UK's most popular form of internet connection, most people don't know what it stands for — or how it works. ADSL is an abbreviation of asymmetric digital subscriber line – which basically refers to broadband through a telephone line.

The distinguishing factor of ADSL is that the flow of data is greater in one direction than it is in the other – hence the name ‘asymmetric’. This is why download speeds are far greater than upload speeds. The latest ADSL2+ (ITU G.992.5) technology is capable of pushing download speeds up to 24Mbps and uploads up to 1.4Mbps, although the distance between your business and the local exchange can affect these speeds dramatically.

Orbital utilise this service as a backup for many other products and it is available throughout 99% of the UK.

Speak to Orbital for information or advice on our Broadband ADSL product. Find out what speeds are available to your premises and discover how the service could work for you.

We also offer broadband ADSL as a backup solution to complete your business' ‘Disaster Recovery Plan’.

Key features

  • Available to 99% of the UK

  • £

    Cost effective

  • Can be used as a backup service for other connections

  • Utilises existing phone lines

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