A VoIP telephone system can create huge cost saving potential compared to traditional ISDN phone lines, eliminating the associated line rental costs and increasing efficiency within your business.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a feature-rich, internet-based communication solution. Essentially this means that your telephone system operates using your internet connection instead of an ISDN telephone line.

Hosted Telephony utilises the vast increases in network capacity and cloud connectivity to remove the need for most onsite equipment; previously required for a company’s telephony service.

Instead of buying a telephone system and the subsequent maintenance charges, hosted telephony allows you to buy a licence to use an existing telephone system, hosted remotely in one or multiple Data Centres.

Hosted VoIP

There are many reasons why it is advantageous to use hosted telephony instead of premises-based telephony.


Orbital systems use the latest technology replicated across two Data Centres. Each Data Centre has;

  • Multiple power feeds, including UPS and diesel generators
  • Multiple air-conditioning feeds in a climate controlled environment
  • Five inbound connectivity feeds
  • Four outbound links to voice carriers

This guarantees that the system will stay operational no matter what goes wrong.

Future Proof

An onsite telephone system stays the same from the day you bought it, unless you pay significant sums for upgrades. With hosted telephony, the system is constantly being updated centrally and, as you hold a licence to use the latest version, you never have to endure any upgrade costs.

Feature Rich

A premises-based system is built specifically for the number of users. With hosted, the platform is not just corporate-sized but carrier-sized. No matter how many users you take, you benefit from the same feature set as, historically, only the largest of organisations could afford.

Low Cap Ex

With hosted VoIP, the system itself is already in place, therefore the only upfront charges you will have are for handsets, switches, routers and setup charges. Switching to an Op Ex model can significantly improve your cash flow and allow your leasing or finance facilities to be used for other things.

Geographically Independent

With a hosted VoIP line, all of your locations reside in one partition, therefore, no matter how many sites you have, you can have one contract, one management portal, one reporting platform and one bill.
Calls between all sites and remote users remain free forever.

Centralised Management

From any location, a supervisor can setup the following via the management portal, without any involvement with the maintainer;

  • Hunt Groups
  • Time of Day Cover Paths
  • Pick Up Groups
  • Music On Hold Uploads
  • Centralised contact list with Click To Dial
  • Username and Password changes for all users
  • Centralised reporting on all calls in and out
  • Call statistics overviews by user
  • Report on missed calls etc.
  • Call Recording
  • Provision DDI numbers, which include all UK dial codes plus over 70 International dial codes
  • Voicemail to email

We are a certified partner with Yealink phones and can offer a full range of handsets to meet your requirements. Our cloud system is completely scalable and all our handsets come with a lifetime warranty.

What internet connection do I need to use VoIP?

We recommend a Fibre Leased Line for use with VoIP for the most stable connection.
There may be other alternatives depending on the number of users and what other applications you use.

BT will be switching off the traditional ISDN in 2025 so it is certainly worth considering sooner rather than later.

Key features

  • Future-proof solutions

  • Quick turnaround for installation

  • £

    Reduced call rates

  • Feature rich

  • No more line rental charges

  • Choose your own telephone numbers from our bank with any area code

  • Enables home/on the road working all operation from the same system

  • Self-managed features

Some of our existing customers

Why choose Orbital?

Orbital have been providing bespoke solutions to businesses since 1998. From humble beginnings, Orbital is now providing services to thousands of businesses across the UK and USA. This is achieved by maintaining our ethos of providing a professional, personal service to all our customers.

  • UK based support
  • Allocated account manager
  • Family owned company
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Personal Service
  • 365x24x7 Support Line
  • Excellent SLAs
  • Operating for 25 years